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We understand and respect you are unique and special. Our sessions are tailored to you personally. Let us show you how. Contact us today!


​Our practitioners are talented and experienced in the massage, energy and body work arts. Most of our services can be and/or are done with you clothed. We have the ability to adjust techniques and pressures to your level of comfort and need. We encourage you to discuss your preferences with us. Our studio provides a safe and ethical environment promoting health and well-being. We encourage you to try any of our practitioners and find the ones that fit you most comfortably. With a variety of special and unique individuals and modalities, you gain the benefit of receiving a new experience each visit if you chose.

"Knowledge is food for the soul"-Plato

Wellspring Studio offers many different styles of massage and bodywork to choose from! We encourage you to try something new on your next visit! 

Trade your coffee break for a massage! Let a soothing chair or table massage wash away the workday stress at your location! 

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Carol  216.970.1199

Megan 330.592.3838

Scott 216.548.6300

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Nestled in the heart of Twinsburg, you will find a place of peace, comfort, and healing. You will find a place where you can leave the troubles of the outside world behind, and discover the true meaning of relaxation. Here, you will find Wellspring Studio.  

Carol  216.970.1199

Megan 330.592.3838

Scott 216.548.6300