Spa Cards!

Here's How It Works:

  1.  Someone just gave you a Spa Card! (How thoughtful of them!)
  2. ​​Call Christy at 330.840.9881​ to set up (even if it is with another practitioner).
  3. Bring your card to Wellspring Studio at time of appointment and present it before session.
  4. We will apply full value of card to the session price. If there is a balance owed, it may be paid in cash, check, or charge.
  5. If the card is worth more than the session, we will issue a credit toward a future service 
  6. Sales Tax is owed on total session(s) price at time of service TO BE PAID SEPARATELY IN CASH, CHECK, OR CHARGE. We cannot apply the sales tax onto the Spa Card. 
  7. Thank you for choosing Wellspring Studio!​​

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